Somthin’ Magical Goin on Here…

Funny to me how imaginary lines on a map divide us into groups and make us seem different. We’re currently in Canada and the people here love Country Music. In fact they rocked our socks off a couple nighs ago at the Molson Canadian Amphitheater in Toronto.I can’t wait until tonight here in Edmonton.

IMG_6185That’s one of the many things I love about music. It’s ability to cross all communication barriers and unite you with a melody.
You don’t have to speak english to so sing the words to a song. You just do. It’s like magic. People in Japan go to a  Journey concert and sing every word of “Don’t Stop Believin'” and can’t speak a word of english. Something magical happening there..

But all that to say we’ve been having a great time out here, bring the music, the
fellowship, the happy, to people all across Canada and the United States. I totally love seeing people sing our songs and have a good time, it’s such an adrenaline rush. So “Don’t Stop Believin!!” and don’t stop comin to the shows.


Go get em!


4 Comments on “Somthin’ Magical Goin on Here…”

  1. You will probably never know the impact you guys have made in my life just by doing the very thing you love! I thank God for you guys and the gift you all have in bringing “happy” everywhere you play. It is so fun to stand out in the audience and become one with the music and sing out loud like no one was listening! I missed you guys playing in the earlier years, but you can bet I will not miss anymore! Only VIP for me now….because frankly, you guys are just that good, and I deserve it! 🙂

  2. Music is the universal language. It has a way of bringing people together in every and all circumstances, good and bad. Tim and the DHD, as well as the current band (do you guys have a name?) have brought so many people together, creating life long friendships, a few marriages, and a camaraderie among fans unlike anything I have ever seen. Thanks to all of you for being who you are, doing what you do and sharing something magical with us! ‘We’d do anything, and go ‘everywhere’ ‘just to see you smile.’

  3. Music is definitely universal. Music can transcend all kinds of barriers. It can bring people together from different walks of life and from different status levels. It’s the great equalizer. For me, there is nothing like hearing live music and feeling the connection with everyone in the crowd – and on the stage.

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