So Far So Good

Well, With the first four shows under our belts things have begun to take on a sorta “pre-pandemic” kinda vibe. I mean there are things that have definitely changed like we’re still required to test ourselves before each rehearsal, performance and before we travel. It’s really the peace of mind in knowing that I’m not a spreader but it also insures the safety of our fellow bandmates and of course, Tim. But the camaraderie, the brotherhood, the love which in turn flows through the music, it was all so familiar, it hardly felt like we had been apart for almost two years.

With the show put together and rehearsals over,  we were off to the rodeo…literally.  We began in San Antonio, followed by Houston (it was our 10th Anniversary at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo). Then in Arlington, we performed the Soul 2 Soul show in the AT&T Stadium. It was exciting to perform with Tim & Faith again. This past weekend we played in Norco California for the Boots in the Park Music Festival. The weather was perfect, the crowd was energetic and the music was thumpin’.  I love outdoor shows. We are now off for a couple weeks with one private performance in Las Vegas between the beginning of our 2022 tour.

I am so excited to play music again ya’ll. You can’t even imagine. To have that feeling of accomplishment, for a show well done and the confidence in knowing you just left it all on the stage and gave 10,000 of your friends a musical experience that I hope they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Leave it better than you found it…Deano

What I’m reading: Kill Shot -Vince Flynn

What I’m watching: Pieces of Her -Netflix

What I’m listening to: Polyphia -Muse

Fill up the Buses We’re Gettin the Band Back Together!!

It was like we never even left but it was all brand new.

Rehearsals were a two week, 8 hour day process, and that was for just us musicians, crew and tech guys probably 12-15 hour days. We eased into the “hurry up and wait” schedule that so commonly comes along with putting together a show of this level, and in those “wait” moments we laughed, reconnected and checked-up on one another and their families. Covid has affected all of us differently, seems we all have had it or have known someone who’s had it and unfortunately, some of us have lost loved ones to it. We are now a family reunited and we are committed to keeping ourselves safe and healthy not only for each other but for our fans. We have all come through this historical global crisis together and now we gather focused on one common goal, to create a live music experience for our fans that will show them that we’ve missed them just as much if not more than they have missed us.

We have a couple “One Off” performances before we jump into the McGraw 2022 Tour and if we are as well received on tour as we were at our first “one off” performance it’s going to be one hell of a tour. We performed two SOLD OUT performances at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo last week and even though the stage wasn’t the typical stage set up, the energy was so amazing, I just knew we were all having a great time.

Looking forward to getting out there and sharing what we’ve created with ya’ll, not to mention a laugh, and a memory or two. Peace Out Peeps. Love Ya!

Hello from Q

Well, Well, Well, Look at You..How long has it been?…does it really matter?
I”M HERE NOW!! HELLO WORLD! and it’s not the same world as was back in 2018…
I don’t even want to recap whats happened from then to now.
Lets just dive in.

Well, aside from the obvious pandemic we are ALL going through, I guess the one topic I’d like to share would be my guest visit to Choose Your Attitude Podcast. A fantastic podcast that will warm your heart, make you laugh and hopefully have you subscribe to Nick’s podcast.Click here to check it out.

Nick and I go back a few years as he is a cameraman for the video company we used to shoot our Soul2Soul tours. Great guy!

Back in 2017, Nick lost his wife, Brianna, to Cystic Fibrosis.  Nick started “Choose Your Attitude, Change Your Life”, in Brianna’s honor. He wanted to continue spreading the optimistic outlook on life Brianna had adopted since she was a young girl living with CF, Nick started his brand, authored a book, opened an apparel line and launched his podcast. Such passion!

When he initially asked, I will admit I was nervous. My first podcast interview…that’s pretty big in my little musical mind, so I sat on it for a couple of days. But eventually, knowing how much fun it would be and I just love being a part of something so positively motivating that in the end it was a “no brainer”. And as things go, it was  a piece of cake. So easy and natural that I realized afterwards, all the worry and stress I put into fretting about, “what am I going to say”?, “will it be interesting?”, “what song will I sing?” , “will It sound okay?”, “will I remember the words?”, I haven’t sang in the lead position in years, and a million other questions, were all self initiated. I created them. And if I were to have let them, those doubts could have stopped me from moving forward to accomplish this opportunity.

Well, I did it. and I hope anyone who listens will take away something from our conversation. Because I do believe we all will experience hard times…we’re kinda experiencing a bit of that at the moment, #thankscovid19 ,  but in the words of Edwin Louis Cole ” You don’t drown from falling in the water, you drown by staying there.” Choose to change the corse of your day, your situation, your life by first changing your thoughts. It can, does and will work, I promise.

Oh, and you can listen to a full-demo version of “Brightest Stars” being sung by my co-writer friend Quinn Loggins and a selection of other songs I’ve co-written at my reverbnation page.

Until next time, keep smiling and striving to do what’s ripe.



Floating, it’s not just for bobbers.

  1. 1.
    buoyant or suspended in water or air.
    “a massive floating platform”
    synonyms: buoyant, on the surface, afloat, drifting

    “During a float, you step into a quiet, warm, private spa called a float tank and lay back in water in which 1000 lbs of Epsom salts have been dissolved. The water is more dense than the Dead Sea, so you will float right on top. You will be fully supported, and you will expend no physical energy to stay afloat. The water is kept at a constant temperature of around 95 degrees, which feels warm at first but soon becomes almost imperceptible. When you choose to turn out the lights, your eyes can rest in a comforting darkness that is the same if you open or close them. External sounds are kept to an absolute minimum through extensive soundproofing, earplugs, and the design of the tanks themselves.

    Without the need to pay attention to changing stimuli, keep yourself vertical, navigate traffic, or have a conversation (unless with yourself), resources which are otherwise devoted to these and other tasks are free for use in problem solving, creative exploration, learning, or simply meditation, rest, and relaxation. Floating is a 90 minute savasana in a powerfully relaxing environment. Gentle music indicates when the end of the session has arrived.

    Emerging from a float is an experience in itself. Senses are sharpened, the mind is refreshed, and the world may appear more vibrant. The feeling is often one of peace, relaxation, happiness, and calm attentiveness. The effects of floating last for hours to days afterwards, and have the potential to last much longer.” –


    So yeah basically,  Life is tough and dealing with problems at work, home and in the bigger world can cause us to lose sight of the beauty and positivity that life offers in every moment. Floating is a way to pause all those stressors and enter a state of deep relaxation. This brief pause allows your brain to rest, recharge and enter a theta state, a slower rate of brainwave, normally experienced during deep meditation, just before falling asleep, when waking up, and during sleep.

    Float tanks cut off all sources of sensory experience: sound, sight, smell, and touch and allows the body to turn down it’s “fight or flight” stress responses. Essentially , floating helps lower cortisol levels and calm the nervous system, bringing the immune and hormonal systems back in balance.

    I am all about slowing down, so I was so excited to take advantage of this gift. The establishment immediatly offerd a very relaxing atmosphere, very zen like, with fresh flowers on all the tables, bonsai trees and candles scattered about the room did well to bring the elements of nature indoors.

    I was greated by Zane, he was the owner. A young gentleman, I’d guess around 26 and I thought, “How cool it would be to own your own business at such a young age AND it be something as cool as a Floating.

    So how this works is your float tank is in a room with all the necessities for a proper experience.There’s are towels, a robe, a shower, with shampoo, conditioner, body wash. Why a shower? Even though the water in these float tanks is cleaned and recirculated after every float it is still hygenically suggested to rinse off before entering the tank. And then it’s nice to rinse off the salt and freshen up afterwards. There are disposable flip-flops, if you feel the need. Ear plugs which I have found helpful. I have tried with and with out and I feel I do have a better experience with the ear plugs in. The goal of this is to cut off all sensory stimulation and sound travels through water very well. Having the plugs in not only kept out the water but any other exterior noise.

    I highly recommend floating. The benefits are too numerous not to try it. I promise, if you open up your mind to the experience and give floating a try you will be hooked. And with the popularity growing I sure there’s a float center near you. I personally love the experience and can’t wait to do it again. Please,  let me know when you go and share your experience.

    Until next time,

    Float On

do whats ripe

Just a quick shout out and a huge heart felt “THANKS YA’LL” to all those who supported my “do what’s ripe” t-shirt campaign first time around. Using the Boost platform may not have been the  best way to push this line initially but it gave me an opportunity to see if this was something that had potential, and by the responses and requests to “give it another try!” I believe it does.  I’ve decided to try again and this time around I went ahead and met with some very talented designers and screen printers and together we have designed a hip, comfortable, t-shirt with a positive reminder that in all aspects of life “do whats ripe.” I’m so excited to launch this start-up line and to spread the good vibes. The shirts are going into production soon so please stay tuned for details.

Thank you so much and remember do what’s ripe!


A little story about my day today.

I took some time to clean the windows on my ’92 Chevy pick up truck, “Ol Blue”. I bought “Ol Blue” brand new, in San Antonio Texas before my move to Nashville in 1994. He’s the first and probably only “brand new” vehicle I will ever buy and like Bob Seger sang this Chevy is “Like a Rock”…except for the little hose that carries the window washer fluid from the window washer fluid reservoir to the little jets on top of my hood, because it rotted out about a year ago….I’ll fix it, I’ll fix it.  So I decided to clean the windows. Now, I know I make it sound like a big deal, but I also know ya’ll are like me, and to carve out an hour of your busy day, to break out the  step ladder, Windex, and newspaper and really, really, clean the windows, inside and out, front to back can really take some scheduling.

But I did it, I cleaned the windows and wiped away months of road dirt, grime, fingerprints and bug splatter and I went about my day running errands, taking my boys to school, going to the Y, but now it seemed different. Blue seemed smoother, quieter, faster, almost like he was 10 years younger and all I did was clean the windows…

I found it funny how such a simple act could impact my perspective and influence me to be more aware of how I look at and deal with the daily ups and downs. Am I looking at it through a clear windshield or one clouded by things I can’t control?

When I wipe away the things I can’t control, I can focus on the things I can.

I challenge you to take a few minutes and clean your windows. Wipe away all that junk that’s clouding up your view. Enjoy the clarity of your world. You’ll be surprised how it will affect your perspective.

Make it Mater

After Texas…

Home, my little slice of this big ol planet. It’s my center, my fueling station, my world. After traveling for a few days it sure is nice to come back to it no matter how cluttered the garage how many weeds in the garden or how long the “honey do” list. I love this place. The shows this weekend were amazing and memorable.

San Antonio, beautiful as ever. Rich with culture, history and country music lovers. Our hotel was right on the river walk and the smell of the freshly cooked tortillias wafted down Houston St. calling to me but I was strong and managed to resist. I was able to visit with my mom, step-father, brother, sister-in-law and nephew and have them as my guests to our performance that evening. Seeing friends and family while traveling is definatly a perk but, like I mentioned to my mother, it’s also kind of a “scrambler” to the daily routine of being “on the road.” That being said, it is an honor and a pleasure to have family and friends come to my “office” and I will always welcome the opportunity to have them.

Houston was pretty chill, during the day, I had no guests…well I could have thought of a dozen or so people I could have invited but I have far passed my limit of comp tickets for this tour  and thought I shouldn’t press my luck. We stayed down town and from our hotel it was hard to tell that a F4 hurricane blew through there less than a month ago submerging a large portion of the city. And by the sound and livelyness of the audience that evening we could tell they were ready for a good time.

Dallas, was amazing. Our hotel was a 10 minute run from Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll. Denny and I walked around the historic site and listened to the conspirators as they rolled out their shpeal. It was interesting to see tourists risk being hit by a moving vehicle just to kneel down, smile and get a photo of themselves over one of the two green X’s on the road that mark the location of the motorcade when the fatal bullets hit their target. The show that evening was stellar. I wish everyone could know the feeling I get standing on that stage. I know the songs, I played them since April, I know the show we’ve done over 70 this year but there’s still that nervousness that makes my hairs stand up and gives me a high like no other drug, or drink I’ve known. I’m addicted, a junkie, and I’m sure there is no rehab strong enough to break my love…my need, for the rush and exhilaration  of the concert stage.

I get back on the bus tomorrow night and head to Pittsburg, PA, Washington, DC, and Greensboro, NC. I will be looking for all the shiney happy people who have helped make my dream come true, and just know that  I am always more than happy to stop say hi, take a picture or just chat. So if you see me please stop me, and let me thank you.

Love, Peace and Happiness



Yeah! I’m still here…


Sometimes I forget, and before I know it so much time has flown by that there’s no use trying to recap so I just start from the now.

NOW… THings have been great. The boys are all healthy and doing their best in school. I emphasize THEIR for me because I need to contiously remind myself that they are not me nor ever will be. They are as unique as a finger print and along with thier external uniqueness there is an internal uniqueness as well. And I realize that not everybody is good in English or Geometry but that’s okay as long as they don’t give up. ” The only way you can fail something is if you quit.” Abe Lincoln

I’ve been reading a Joel Olsteen book that has really encouraged me to look into the bible. NOW, I’m not a religious man, I tend to favor developing a relationship rather than studying the religion, but this book has really driven me to the bible not for evidence but mostly for knowledge. I feel the hunger to know, to research to learn. I know I spend way too much time on my phone or computer so reading more has really been something I’ve been trying to do more. And If I can learn techniques to help me to be a better person AND learn some scripture knowledge that’s a win win situation.

Essentially Life is amazing. do I have struggles? yes! Do I have worries? yes! Do I wish and want for more? of course. But when I sit back and think about it, I realize, I’m only in controll to the tips of my fingers. I will focus on solutions and not problems. I will feed the positive and starve the negative.

I can control my thoughts, my thoughts become my actions, my actions become my habits, and my habits become my character.

Live well, Love Large.




Let Me In Baby 2.0IMG_3423                                                                                                                                                     In my hotel room in Baltimore. Just finished playing my violin and I’m headed to the gym.

Feeling blessed and thankful.

One of the most profound things I’ve learned while playing music on the road is that I have to MAKE time to do the things that make ME happy. Now, I know that sounds selfish but believe me, the sense of gratitude and fulfillment that I get when I spend some time on filling my tank is amazing and the feeling carries me through the day.
Now, I am an active father as well as a performing musicician and like everyone else, my free time at home is precious. When I’m traveling, the free time is a little more abundant but I can let it get away from me if I’m not careful. But when I’m at home, I’m HOME and I would rather not take any time away form my family. But it essential to my happiness, my longevity, my being. And when I fulfill Me, my happiness, I’m a better person and it in turn, spills over into my families happiness.
If I don’t carve out time in the day it can quickly become so packed that even the thought of spending an hour to focus inward is lost and never given a chance. Then, at the end of the day I beat myself up.

             I know what I have to do, I know how to do it, it’s all about making the commitment.

It’s ME vs ME and I will emerge victorious                                                                                              IMG_9442

We have to be happy to make others happy. We have to love ourselves before we can fully love others.

Everyday devote an hour to your happiness. Whether it’s working out, painting, riding a bike, or just drinking a cup of tea and sitting still. Find those good feelings and fill your tank.
Every second spent worrying about things we can’t control is one less second spent loving and being happy.
Spend your seconds wisely!

Taken at Red Rocks Colorado.

Here we are…

The Roosevelt

Looks Like Marlyn

Austin Texas…
For weeks…okay months, this day has been awaited on and now it’s finally here and there’s nothing I can do about it. Tonight we’ll perform to a few million  listeners and viewers on the iheart Radio Country Music Festival and it’s going to be F^&*ING AWESOME!

Tomorrow I’ll be home, a place I’ve not been for two weeks, and I can’t wait. But we have done some amazing things…

Played on Good Morning America. Performed at TIME Magazines Top 100 Most Influential People Gala in New York City, where it just so happened that Tim was amoung the list of 100. Stayed at some amazing hotels. Palm Springs Indian Wells Resort and Spa was totally killer! Played Stagecoach in Indio Ca. a huge audience!
Played The Ellen Degeneres Show. Hiked Runyon Canyon in LA two days in a row. Played on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel. Stayed at the famous Roosevelt Hotel (said to be haunted ya know?). Played a private show for Zaxby’s, a chicken restaurant chain, on the shores of Coronado beach in San Diego Ca. Stayed at the world famous Hotel Del Coronado (which is also said to be haunted). Now I’m here…Austin Texas…iheart Radio Country Music Festival…then home….a day I’ve been waitin on for a long time…

Peace, love and happiness.