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yodaWow! has it been that long since my last post? Amazing! I’m a procrastinating son of a….

i mean well, really. But the day just flies by and before i know it i’m crawling into my bunk thanking Him for the day He just gave me and praying that i get to see another. At that point in the day there’s not a damn thing i can do about it EXCEPT! use those feelings to motivate me to try harder.
i dig the whole blog thing. i’ve ┬ájournaled for many years, i actually have three full journals completely full of memories. The fantasy that one day my kids will stumble upon them in a dusty old Goodwill donation box and read them, turning me into the hero i always wanted to be drives me to continue writing in them. But this is cool too. i really enjoy sharing what i do and some of what goes on out here. But i do love the process of writing. Ya know, i heard that the new Common Core academics program doesn’t call for cursive instruction and that public schools will be more likely to drop or, at least de-emphasize it. What is this world coming to…Wholly Shit am i rambling? Yes Dean, You are. Sorry!
Well, let’s see #sundownheaventown info…the shows have been great! All the acts are gellin’ well! We have been enjoying watching the World Cup with a couple of Kip’s guys. David, our stage left electric guitar player and Manny, Kip’s bass player have been getting together daily to play chess….yes chess. Of course around 2:00pm you’ll find all of us out in “The yard” as we so affectionatly call it, shakin’ ropes, flippin tires, flinging around kettle bells and anchor chains, doing rockstars, farmer carries, Hinhu pushups, Yogi walks. What the hell ever happened to good ol jumping jacks? But all that to say the other guys are great and everybody is having a great time.
We have a show here in the Orlando area on Tuesday, a travel day then a four in a row, followed by an 10 day break. Really looking forward to the break. Gonna try to get lost somewhere with the family unit. Connect with them unplug everything else.

Hey ya’ll do yourself a favor. Carve time out of your day to do what makes you happy. Color with your kids, walk the dogs, read a book or just sit and be. i know for me personally, i can fill my day with “taking care of stuff,” forgetting the most important thing.

Lao Tzu QuotePeace!

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  1. Speaking of perhaps kid’s losing instruction in cursive writing, I was shocked to find out middle schools here in CA do not teach grammar anymore. The can touch on it if they can find the time, but it is not required! How does one write with no grammar instruction?? Boy, how things change with the advanced technology!
    “The Yard” work looks like it is coming along very nicely! There is nothing better than feeling and looking great!
    Thanks for the reminder….off for some happy time for me!

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