A Whirlwind of a Week


With the release of Tim’s new record Sundown Heaven Town on the 16th came a lot of promo and believe me I’m sure that for every hour I put in Tim put in 5.

We had radio interviews Monday morning at 8:00, Tim had already been there two hours and when we finished at 10:00 he was still being interviewed. We caught a 3:50 flight to NYC and after a light dinner hit the sack. We had a 4:50 AM lobby call to walk to the Good Morning America set…4:50AM. Crew had a 3:30 AM call…poor bastards.

GMA SetWe ran the songs a couple of times, let the cameramen do their dance, and it was open season on time and we were sleepy hunters. I went out on the street and had a cup of coffee and just watched people…like ants or are ant’s like people…weird. The performance was great. I love me some Robin Roberts, she’s a diamond of a lady. But had a great time. I wore my new My Chemical Romance T-Shirt…I love that artwork. Someone let Gerard know will ya?

After the GMA performance we had a couple …well four, hours to kill and I was back at my room and under the covers in about 10 minutes, I wasted NO time. I didn’t sleep the entire time but the rest was nice. I’ve discovered how hard it is to sleep in a city that never sleeps…

Soon it was off to the Hammerstein Ballroom where we were to record a LIVE streaming concert celebrating the record. The day was filled with choreography and camera positionings. Not high kicks and grapevines but more like “you go here, take Green Grass solos there…” The event was going to be something special and we really wanted everything to sound and look great.    Hammerstein Ballroom
Well, I’ve yet to see it…but from what I’ve heard it was a success. I know from my perspective, It was a party and people were having a great time, diggin the music and we had a blast playin it. LOVE playing those new songs! Shotgun Rider Sheeesh! Great song, We’ll be playing that one for another 20 years.

The following morning some of the guys had to go do an acoustic performance with Tim on The View… I wasn’t one of them…so I slept in. 8:00am We still had a noon pick up to go to Rockerfeller Center to tape The Tonight Show. I know right? Crazy Shit!… Lil Ol’ME!! But yeah…The Tonight Show…Anyway. Sound check and camera blocking in a cold TV Studio was the worst part of my day. Oh..It was Random Selfie Day…by the way…stupid me…man and I wanted one with Questlove, Chickened out!

The Tonight Show performance was great! I was particularly eager to get some camera time during this performance because Breedlove Guitars offered to endorse me and they offered me one of their mandolins in exchange for a little exposure. After watching the show I think they will be happy.  Fallon and the Gang

I love New York. It’s magically beautiful but I also love my little piece of earth here in Tennessee. I have grown to truly understand the full meaning in Dorothy’s words, “There’s no place like home.”

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