Yeah! I’m still here…


Sometimes I forget, and before I know it so much time has flown by that there’s no use trying to recap so I just start from the now.

NOW… THings have been great. The boys are all healthy and doing their best in school. I emphasize THEIR for me because I need to contiously remind myself that they are not me nor ever will be. They are as unique as a finger print and along with thier external uniqueness there is an internal uniqueness as well. And I realize that not everybody is good in English or Geometry but that’s okay as long as they don’t give up. ” The only way you can fail something is if you quit.” Abe Lincoln

I’ve been reading a Joel Olsteen book that has really encouraged me to look into the bible. NOW, I’m not a religious man, I tend to favor developing a relationship rather than studying the religion, but this book has really driven me to the bible not for evidence but mostly for knowledge. I feel the hunger to know, to research to learn. I know I spend way too much time on my phone or computer so reading more has really been something I’ve been trying to do more. And If I can learn techniques to help me to be a better person AND learn some scripture knowledge that’s a win win situation.

Essentially Life is amazing. do I have struggles? yes! Do I have worries? yes! Do I wish and want for more? of course. But when I sit back and think about it, I realize, I’m only in controll to the tips of my fingers. I will focus on solutions and not problems. I will feed the positive and starve the negative.

I can control my thoughts, my thoughts become my actions, my actions become my habits, and my habits become my character.

Live well, Love Large.


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