After Texas…

Home, my little slice of this big ol planet. It’s my center, my fueling station, my world. After traveling for a few days it sure is nice to come back to it no matter how cluttered the garage how many weeds in the garden or how long the “honey do” list. I love this place. The shows this weekend were amazing and memorable.

San Antonio, beautiful as ever. Rich with culture, history and country music lovers. Our hotel was right on the river walk and the smell of the freshly cooked tortillias wafted down Houston St. calling to me but I was strong and managed to resist. I was able to visit with my mom, step-father, brother, sister-in-law and nephew and have them as my guests to our performance that evening. Seeing friends and family while traveling is definatly a perk but, like I mentioned to my mother, it’s also kind of a “scrambler” to the daily routine of being “on the road.” That being said, it is an honor and a pleasure to have family and friends come to my “office” and I will always welcome the opportunity to have them.

Houston was pretty chill, during the day, I had no guests…well I could have thought of a dozen or so people I could have invited but I have far passed my limit of comp tickets for this tour  and thought I shouldn’t press my luck. We stayed down town and from our hotel it was hard to tell that a F4 hurricane blew through there less than a month ago submerging a large portion of the city. And by the sound and livelyness of the audience that evening we could tell they were ready for a good time.

Dallas, was amazing. Our hotel was a 10 minute run from Dealey Plaza and the grassy knoll. Denny and I walked around the historic site and listened to the conspirators as they rolled out their shpeal. It was interesting to see tourists risk being hit by a moving vehicle just to kneel down, smile and get a photo of themselves over one of the two green X’s on the road that mark the location of the motorcade when the fatal bullets hit their target. The show that evening was stellar. I wish everyone could know the feeling I get standing on that stage. I know the songs, I played them since April, I know the show we’ve done over 70 this year but there’s still that nervousness that makes my hairs stand up and gives me a high like no other drug, or drink I’ve known. I’m addicted, a junkie, and I’m sure there is no rehab strong enough to break my love…my need, for the rush and exhilaration  of the concert stage.

I get back on the bus tomorrow night and head to Pittsburg, PA, Washington, DC, and Greensboro, NC. I will be looking for all the shiney happy people who have helped make my dream come true, and just know that  I am always more than happy to stop say hi, take a picture or just chat. So if you see me please stop me, and let me thank you.

Love, Peace and Happiness



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