Fill up the Buses We’re Gettin the Band Back Together!!

It was like we never even left but it was all brand new.

Rehearsals were a two week, 8 hour day process, and that was for just us musicians, crew and tech guys probably 12-15 hour days. We eased into the “hurry up and wait” schedule that so commonly comes along with putting together a show of this level, and in those “wait” moments we laughed, reconnected and checked-up on one another and their families. Covid has affected all of us differently, seems we all have had it or have known someone who’s had it and unfortunately, some of us have lost loved ones to it. We are now a family reunited and we are committed to keeping ourselves safe and healthy not only for each other but for our fans. We have all come through this historical global crisis together and now we gather focused on one common goal, to create a live music experience for our fans that will show them that we’ve missed them just as much if not more than they have missed us.

We have a couple “One Off” performances before we jump into the McGraw 2022 Tour and if we are as well received on tour as we were at our first “one off” performance it’s going to be one hell of a tour. We performed two SOLD OUT performances at the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo last week and even though the stage wasn’t the typical stage set up, the energy was so amazing, I just knew we were all having a great time.

Looking forward to getting out there and sharing what we’ve created with ya’ll, not to mention a laugh, and a memory or two. Peace Out Peeps. Love Ya!

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  1. I can’t wait to ‘return to normal’ with experiencing a Tim McGraw concert again! I’ve got tickets to Charlotte and Raleigh shows. And – hallelujah the CMA Fest is back! Will you all be performing there?

    • Not sure if we’ll be playing CMA Fest this year but I hope to see you in Charlotte or Raleigh. Peace ✌🏽

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