Springing Forward Sucks!

Sorry, i know i sound 12 but really ?? i get it, the whole seasonal, daylight hours and blah, blah, blah! All i know is we finished lastnight at around 11:00 pm and like a good little boy i was in my room at 11:15. Even after indulging in a small caesar salad and a couple pieces of dark chocolate…85% cacao….mmm, But anyway, i had told myself i would be in bed by 12:oo am. i packed the rest of my things, set up my clothes for the early morning and was between the sheets by 12:45 am; i love it when a bad plan comes together. But apparently at 2:00 am we lost an hour so that made my 4:45 am alarm that much more dreadful. Why 2:00 am? Why not 12:00 pm, high noon…bam! now it’s 11:00 am. Or in this case, bam! now it’s 1:00 pm, not quite the shock. i did wake up around 3:30 and i called the front desk and asked “what is the correct, current time?” Their answer  comfirmed our assumptions to the question of the evening, “will the iPhone recognize the time change?” it did, and i made my 5:45 am  call time with minutes to spare. i guess they aren’t called smart phones for nothing huh?

Sleep well Crazy World, i know i will.


What is a productive day?


Had an exceptional day here in Vegas. After two great shows last night we had a little dinner, i usually don’t eat before a show, something about playing for your food still resonates with me. i came back to my suite and watched another episode of Dexter…i hate you Netflix.

But today! today was fantastic. i, along with a few other parent volunteers, publish our elementary school’s yearbook and today was a very productive day. i’ve become quite the digital scrapbooker. But i love it! i love being involved with our kid’s school. Oh, a quick shout out to my dear friend Charles Robinson you can find out more about him at https://www.TheRedRoad.org  but he came to our elementary school and participated in our Family Reading Night and read some stories to the students. The kids really dug it! But Being involved when i’m able is huge to me and i know it impacts the kids. Ya only get to do somethings once.

But i was also able to great workout in with my buddies Denny and Adam. We did IMG_4174these things called “Man Makers” sonofa… should be called “Man Breakers”. Weight training and cardio in one exercise. Had us gasping like K2 climbers. i love the feeling after a workout…pumped-up, satisfied, accomplished.

i got a little reading in. i try to do some everyday. Somedays i succeed, sometimes i fail but it’s on my list. i’m reading Emmet Fox’s The Sermon on the Mount, a little spiritual feeding. i’m really digging this book. It’s a little bit tougher read than i usually fall into but it does reference the Bible and that’s always been a tough read with all the “thys” and “begets” and “untos” and so on but i’m getting it! Filling!

And in a couple hours i’m gonna throw my musicial/performer/creative side a big fat T-bone. I can’t wait.

i Just feel like i could have sat in my room all day and buried myself in the yearbook responsibilities i have looming, sure i could have knocked out a lot but then my other hungers are left unnourished. Taking the time and making those little things important enough for you to give your precious minutes and seconds to is huge.

So sitting behind a screen 12 hours a day does not a productive day make in my book. Feed the rest of you, you’ll be happy you did.



Does this sound strange to you?

Vegas 2014

A guy born and raised in a small border town in South Texas, on stage with one of the biggest country music singers in country music history.

We just finished the first show of our two shows here on Friday night at the Venetian and as I do every night about this time I get that feeling of “Wholly Shit!, I just played the Venetian in Vegas… on stage with Tim and Faith.” As cliché as it may sound, it is the honest truth, it still blows my mind. I am truly blessed and I love doing what I do.

We’ve just been given our 20 minute call, number two just around the corner…wait a minute, that… doesn’t… really… sou…aww never mind,  Anyway, I say let there be ROCK!! and I wish upon everybody  the courage to chase down that dream and achieve it.

Dream big, never settle, and never stop.