Does this sound strange to you?

Vegas 2014

A guy born and raised in a small border town in South Texas, on stage with one of the biggest country music singers in country music history.

We just finished the first show of our two shows here on Friday night at the Venetian and as I do every night about this time I get that feeling of “Wholly Shit!, I just played the Venetian in Vegas… on stage with Tim and Faith.” As cliché as it may sound, it is the honest truth, it still blows my mind. I am truly blessed and I love doing what I do.

We’ve just been given our 20 minute call, number two just around the corner…wait a minute, that… doesn’t… really… sou…aww never mind,  Anyway, I say let there be ROCK!! and I wish upon everybody  the courage to chase down that dream and achieve it.

Dream big, never settle, and never stop.